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Art Aquarium in Fukuoka

Over 2.5 million visitors across Japan have seen the special exhibition Art Aquarium which features goldfishes in small and big…

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Fukuoka – Apple Store Tenjin

After 11pm most people who want to return home and not spend the whole night singing karaoke hurry to catch…

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Fukuoka – Atago Shrine Cherry Blossom

Atago Shrine is along with Ohori Park one of Fukuoka’s most popular cherry blossom and autumn foliage spots. At 68…

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Ferry between Busan and Fukuoka

Fukuoka is closer to Busan than to Tokyo and my plan for the school holiday was to combine a trip…

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Ohori Park in Fukuoka

Ohori Park is a western-style park in Fukuoka which contains a lake, a Japanese garden and an art museum. It’s…

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