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Save the Pride

Pride parades by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) are common in the west and have been held…

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Iris Flowers at the Meiji Shrine Inner Garden

On a lighter note, I managed to visit the inner garden of the Meiji Shrine yesterday. Most of the events…

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Lomography Party in Tokyo: La Sardina

Rainy season is in full swing and June is not the month with many festivals. But there’s still lots of…

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Starbucks Tokyo – A place to study

Way back when I came to Japan to study Japanese, I often went to Starbucks to study. I’m not coming…

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Gunpei Yokoi Exhibition

Gunpei Yokoi was one of the most famous game designers of all time. An incredibly creative man who not only…

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Ruby Christmas

One year ago I was visiting Seoul’s equivalent to Akihabara (Yongsan), spend some time at Deoksugung Palace and Seodaemun Prison,…

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Octopussy 2

Makers of pachinko machines are no longer contend using manga/anime franchises such as “Evangelion” as a theme for their machines….

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Returning to study roots

The rest of the study meet-ups will be held in Harajuku at the Omotesando Starbucks. I asked for this switch…

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Harajuku Evening

Although I felt a little ill, I took a short walk today. My “walk” led me to Harajuku, a part…

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[video] Resurrection Freeze Tokyo

[vimeo 1303269] Finally the day has come for the second freeze meet-up and this time it’s even bigger. There are…

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