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Zoorasia in Yokohama

Before the Ramen Museum, I went to Zoorasia. Zoorasia is a relatively new and modern zoo in Yokohama and much…

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Ramen Museum in Yokohama

Yokohama was the second city besides Tokyo that I visited when I first came to Japan and back then I…

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Yokohama Night Impressions

After visiting the iPhone Case Exihibition in the Red Brick Warehouses I took some time to record night impressions of…

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iPhone Case Exhibition 2010 in Yokohama

The iPhone case exhibition 2010 was held from August 21st to 29th in the red brick warehouses in Yokohama. 100…

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Flower in Sankei-en
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Sankei-en – Traditional Japanese Garden in Yokohama

Unfortunately all the cities around Tokyo that I haven’t visited are all two hour trips with regional trains. So that…

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Yokohama China Town

Germany has its share of Chinese restaurants, but there is no China Town. One of the biggest China Towns of…

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