Fire Training at Naganuma School!

One letter can make a great difference: While “Kanji da!” (There’s a Kanji!) may only spell doom for your next Unit Test, “Kaji da!” (There’s a fire!) is unarguably more serious. That’s why the students of Naganuma (well, one from each class) are prepared for the case when a small fire breaks out.

My other fellow class members were going to the safety evacuation site, which is a approx. ten minute walk from the school. I already did that walk last year, so I volunteered for the fire training…

…which, ironically, didn’t feature the one thing that the whole training was about. So we used the fire extinguisher to hit a trash bin. The training was supervised by men from the Tokyo Fire Department and photographed by Naganuma employees. One of them kindly sent me the pictures he took.

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