300 – This is Sparrrrta!

This is madness! No, this is the Movie Lovers Meetup Group! Arrrrrr (sorry, that was another movie). So we went to see 300 today, the movie about 300 Spartans fighting an army of one millions Persians. It was probably the best-looking slaughter I’ve ever seen on the big screen (again the Shinjuku Wald 9 Cinema). I thought that 300 would be a fitting movie for the “300 Yen Bar gang”, so I asked Kelly and Kevin and luckily both had time which pushed the number of people at this meetup to 7. It’s strange that Kelly didn’t attend this meetup group before because he knows a lot about movies. But then every non-German who knows more German films than “Das Boot” and “Lola rennt” (Run, Lola, Run) qualifies as an movie expert in my opinion 😉

Mia Jaap

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