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Hitachi Seaside Park

I started my day trip to Ibaraki Prefecture with a visit to the Hitachi Seaside Park. Depending on the season,…

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Komazawa Park

Komazawa Park is a park near Komazawa University in the Setagaya Ward of Tokyo. I recently moved near the park…

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Marronnier Park in Seoul

Marronnier Park is a popular meeting point in the Daehangno neighborhood of Seoul. Daehangno is the theater district with over…

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Iris Flowers at the Meiji Shrine Inner Garden

On a lighter note, I managed to visit the inner garden of the Meiji Shrine yesterday. Most of the events…

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Seoul Dream Forest in Winter

Seoul is not a green city, even when compared to Tokyo which actually offers many more parks (that often serve…

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Ohori Park in Fukuoka

Ohori Park is a western-style park in Fukuoka which contains a lake, a Japanese garden and an art museum. It’s…

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Osaka Expo Park

Expo 1970 was held in Osaka. At that time, Japan’s economic growth skyrocketed. That was twenty years before the “bubble”…

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Kokubunji – Tonogayato Garden (Tonogayato Teien)

Making a stopover before heading to the Hachioji Matsuri for the second time, I visited Tonogayato Garden in Kokubunji. Kokubunji…

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Aokigahara – Hiking in the “Suicide Forest”

Aokigahara – also known as the Sea of Trees – is a 35 km2 forest which is so dense and…

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Todoroki Valley

Just leaving the train station and looking around, many places seem to look the same. But Tokyo is full of…

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