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First steps with Final Cut Pro X

My first editing system was an analog deck with three SVHS recorders, a mixer, tape deck and various monitors. Then…

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Fukuoka – Apple Store Tenjin

After 11pm most people who want to return home and not spend the whole night singing karaoke hurry to catch…

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Apple Workshop
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Accidental festivals & Apple workshops

Another Sunday, another JLPT study meet-up in Shibuya. Afterwards, organiser Why-Khe had to go to the Apple Store in order…

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Cologne: Mac Expo 2005

I usually go to the CeBit, today’s Mac Expo has been the first Mac trade show I’ve been to. Of…

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Apple in Japan 2004

This isn’t a post about the Apple Store in Ginza, I’ve covered it in an earlier post. Walking around Akihabara,…

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