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Applying for the JLPT in Corona times

The Corona pandemic has affected all parts of society and education is no exception. In May 2020, the Japan Foundation…

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How to register for the JLPT in Seoul

I’ve written the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) four times in a foreign country – two times in Germany and…

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Entering Meiji University

Todai (Tokyo university) is soooo last year! For the fourth year in a row I’m taking the JLPT (Japanese Language…

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Freezing meet-ups in shorts

Last study meet-up! And it could well be the last JLPT meet-up ever. While there are regularly new people registering…

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JLPT studies: Taking it outside

The first “outside” meetup of the JLPT study group wasn’t that successful (it rained), but today the weather was ok….

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JLPT Training Day

JLPT 2-kyu will be tough, very tough. And because it’s so tough, there are countless books on the market for…

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Me vs. JLPT

I’m late, very late. Like the last two years, I plan to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The test…

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Little Tokyo: Düsseldorf

Last year I wrote the JLPT level 3 in Berlin but this year I wanted to try something different. Since…

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