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Cherry Blossom Festival in Hamburg

If you can’t make it to the cherry blossoms in Japan, why not go to a Japan festival in your…

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Beatlemania & The John Lennon Museum

There are not many reasons to visit Saitama for sightseeing and one of my class mates – who is from…

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Kiel – Snow & Christmas Market

All of Germany is covered in snow which includes Kiel, the capital of the furthest north German state Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel…

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Christmas tree
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Christmas 2009

These past days I’ve been doing quite a lot of video editing. Just like “Hamburg in Snow”, this one was…

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Snow in Hamburg
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Hamburg in Snow

It doesn’t snow often in Hamburg in December, but this month has been exceptional and I’m happy to be in…

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Day trip to Hamelin (Hameln)

Hamelin was for a long time on my list for potential day trips from Hamburg, so today I could scratch…

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Toy camera impressions: Train to to Hameln

Impressions of Germany, covered in snow during a train trip to Hameln (Hamelin)

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Somewhere in between: Neumünster

If you travel from Hamburg to Kiel by regional express, the train will surely stop in Neumunster. This is definitely…

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Kiel – Not quite a leisure trip

Time for another trip to Kiel! Okay, this is not exactly one of my favorite cities nor is it one…

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Saarbrücken historical museum - underground
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Going Underground in Saarbrücken

With my German language skills fully confirmed, I finally arrived at Saarbrücken or rather Saarbrücken Ost which is one station…

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