2kyu training in the library

Part test day! But not for me – because I had already passed that particular part test. Of course that didn’t mean that I could take a day off – I was given the questions for the JLPT level 2 test from 1991. Since I’m still busy building up my vocabulary (they expect about 5000 words) I didn’t have time to study the grammar for real, yet.

While the teacher said that it’s ok if I write in the class room, I wanted to write in the library instead. But the library opens at 10 am, so the time before I sat down in the hall of the main building. Not an ideal place to study when it’s time for the vending machine to get new drinks.

The library is small but packed with Japanese study and culture material. Most of the books are older but there were a few good reading practice books. I did have three school hours time which is more than in the real test (70 min.).

Mia Jaap

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