Karaoke – Bismillah!

I didn’t return to my apartment after the trip to Kawasaki because it was time for another meetup, the “Tokyo Japanese-English Language and Culture Meetup Group” (or short: TJELCMG ;)). It was titled “Sayonara meetup” which is an exaggeration because the meetup organizer, Asako, is only going to Australia for two months! The venue for this meetup was the Crayonhouse in Omotesando which is an organic (i.e. supposed to cook healthy food) restaurant.


After eating and a crazy photo session which resulted in some strange pics, we went to a Karaoke center.


Asako (left) looking amused at her meetup group

Karaoke is a serious business in Japan and of course they had a room for the approximately 20 people 🙂 Other people in the group were much more quickly choosing their song than I was so in the end I sang Bohemian Rhapsody (yes, including the opera and headbanging part) and Headlong by Queen and provided background vocals for the Banana Boat Song and Koi no Dansu Saito (Morning Musume!). The funny thing is, I didn’t even choose Bohemian Rhapsody – someone else did, but when the song started playing, no one did sing 😉


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