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My first meet-up outside Tokyo was LanguageCast on a Friday in Seoul. This time I stayed only for two days in South Korea’s capital and arrived on a Monday. LanguageCast has two meet-ups each week which are not always mentioned at There are usually about 15-20 people attending and only a few arrive via

Anyway, last time I held a speech in Japanese with a short introduction in Korean. This time my Korean was much better – unsurprisingly from a mathematical point of view, since going from six expressions to twelve is a huge improvement. It’s not enough to hold a conversation, but enough to recognise quite a few things when other people are speaking.

Monday is the day when talk shows are recorded. Unlike the speeches, a couple of people form a group and then talk about a topic in a foreign language. Usually they record talk shows in Chinese, English and Japanese but since there were two German-speakers present, Hyunwoo Sun who is probably well known to anyone looking for Korean language learning material on the web, set German on the schedule – a premiere, hurray!

The recordings are published after a while, but I found my Japanese to be seriously lacking. Most of us went to grab a bite to eat afterwards and talk a bit.

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