Akihabara: Training Games!

Today I had two plans: to go to the supermarket and go to Akihabara. Needless to say, I went for the latter first and the area around the train station has changed since my last visit. I was looking for an A/C adaptor for my Nintendo DS and I found a cheap one in a second-hand store. I also grabbed a copy of the japanese Kawashima game (the second one).

They also had Sim City and a curling simulator available. After that I looked around in Akihabara, found some small Apple shops, visited another store which somehow looked like an otaku’s paradise (they sold some costumes on the fourth floor). I bought the Kanken kanji trainer there – maybe I once will get crazy enough to do the level 1 test, hahahahaha 😉

At the supermarket I bought a few things for my 2000 Yen like bread, jam and yakisoba. The supermarket was not very full (for a Saturday, of course). Oh, and the Kanji games are really great and are perfect for training in the train or bus. The supermarket’s location is not very far away from the station (Tabata eki), maybe 2 minutes by foot.

Mia Jaap

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