Capsule music trees and humans

Harajuku station is not so far away from Shibuya station so I took a walk rather than using the Yamanote. I also wanted to visit the Apple Store and when I reached the store there were already preparations for a stage show. The Apple Store in Shibuya appears in some event listings since there are musicians performing there each week. You could still enter the store although people were already queuing outside. The end of the queue was clearly marked but I’ve never heard of the musician and I wasn’t in the mood to stand in line.

Furthermore, the music coming from the other side of the street was really nice. It was a Christmas tree between the GAP and Parco store blinking to capsule’s “JUMPER” (look it up on YouTube, it’s a great dance track). Capsule is a duo which did release many jazz/bossa nova tracks but recently switched to electronica. Producer Yasutaka Nakata is also the producer of Perfume and MEG. The tree was doing a good job at blinking in sync to the music.

A greener Christmas! There is a project to produce energy by putting mats at the ticket gates which convert the pressure/kinetic energy of the people walking through it into energy. This month they also had a mat near the Hachiko statue, displaying the energy gain. I don’t know how much energy can be produced this way and if it’s more than the energy used to power the two displays. I also must admit that I didn’t quite understand the system: The energy counter increased regardless of what people where doing and also didn’t mind if there was no one walking or jumping on the mat.

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