Naganuma: The “Weakly” tests

The day started early – obviously. The rush hour was busier than yesterday and I bet I could have been as fast as the bus. Nevertheless I was standing in the bus (line 43), heading to Tabata-eki-mae (which translates to “in front of Tabeta station”). I was surprised that I made it in time to the class room which gives me a record of 100% attendance. I wonder if I get a Hello Kitty doll if I manage to attend every school day 😉

The day started with our class teacher and continued with another sensei. I had difficulties in understanding everything during the second hour – the sensei is a fast speaker. I guess, it’s just that I need to get used to it and of course I have a bit of catching up to do. The last hour belonged to our class teacher again and like every day it is the hour where the tests of the previous day are given back and new ones are given out. My result for the test with the “must”-form (nakereba narimasen) was a respectable 9 out of 10 points and I may frame the paper – if I were allowed to hang up pictures here, that is 😉 The weekly test consisted of questions she asked and we had to write the answer down. I guess at least for this test it’s more like a weakly than a weekly test now. But things will surely get better and I got a list of Kanji from the sensei which they already learned in the previous sessions.

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