Apple Store Shibuya’s new iPads

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an Apple Store. Yesterday I went to the Shibuya one since it was on the way to the Camera Cabaret store (more about that later). After the slight redesign of the store, all static signs have been replaced by iPads. They are quite nice for price and feature comparisons but a bit confusing when the item you shop for is actually an iPad. An iPad describing an iPad!

I own an iPad 1 and it’s still an excellent device. I think it’s too heavy and big to carry it around everyday but there is a lot of tablet optimized apps available and os updates are available immediately for all iPad owners once the update is released – on of the weak points of Android.

I picked up an iTunes card to finally buy some songs for Konami’s music game jubeat. jubeat is one of the few music games that work with a touch screen and like other Japanese music games is a challenge even on “easy”. The app itself is free and contains three songs but is only available on the Japanese app store.

Besides the card, I picked up the camera connection kit. I remember that for the months after the first iPad’s release the kit was always sold out – even in Apple Stores in San Francisco! I do wish Apple would put a SD card slot into the iPad, but I think that people would then expect that the tablet could actually do more with the SD card than just importing photos and videos.

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