A curry Earthquake, please! And make it *very* shaky!

Imagine a heavy earthquake in Japan: You are currently sitting in your class with 10, 15 others, the earth rumbles, lions break out and are having a great time and you and your fellow class members look at the valuable prey- the only table in the class room. Everyone learns that you have to look for shelter during an earthquake to avoid getting hit by the massive air condition or the occasional piano that seem to appear out of nowhere. After a few seconds, everything is over or so it seems… Now it’s time to seek out the designated safety area. Luckily, it’s just round the corner, around that corner, five minutes away from the gas station, just a short path over a street which happens to be 15 minutes away from the school. And then you’ve reached your destination and almost everyone survived the trip to the safety area!

Today we travelled to said safety area. Every neighbourhood has one but it really seemed a bit far away from Naganuma and while the area itself was safe (a park), the way to the area wasn’t. For instance, there were electric wires above our heads, not to mentions buildings on the left and right side.

We returned shortly afterwards to experience one of Japan’s greatest inventions: The mobile earthquake simulator. I always wanted to try out one of those and me and two fellow class members couldn’t understand why the others were so hesitating trying this thing out. The simulator starts with a weak earthquake which gets heavier. One of the people who are controlling the machine will then shout “heads below the table!”. By the way, they also have extra shoes for the simulator 😉 But you can also use your ordinary street shoes.

After that we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a (Indian?) restaurant.

It was one of those restaurants were you have to choose and pre-pay your meals at an automat. The machine will print out a ticket which you will give to the staff. A lot of the cheaper and smaller restaurants work like that. Obviously Lisa knows the area much better than I do – she picked out this place after I told her that I’m a vegetarian. So I had a curry with rice which tasted quite good. The restaurant is not far away from the school, therefore I will probably eat there again sometime.

Mia Jaap

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