Clazziquai in Tokyo

Clazziquai is one of my favorite bands from South Korea. They combine various music genres into their music, from Electronica to Acid Jazz. DJ Clazzi is the master mind behind the band, he is the composer and producer of the songs.

The group has two vocalists, Horan and Alex. They both have good voices and sound great together.

As usual, I bought my ticket via the ATM at Lawson’s convenience store. The concert was held at Akasaka BLITZ near Akasakamitsuke Station.

Male vocalist Alex grew up in Canada, so his English is excellent. The group has both English and Korean songs, some songs exist in only one language, others in both. The group doesn’t have any Japanese songs.

Neither Alex nor Horan knew how many Koreans are in the audience. To me, they seemed to be indecisive which language to use. They sometimes made jokes (in Korean), then addressing their fans (in English) and Alex occasionally mumbled a few words in Japanese (あついですね: It’s hot, isn’t it?). It was funny to see how only parts of the audience would get the things said in their language, while the other ones where wondering “What did he just said?”.

In fact, the Japanese girls next to me said something like that quite often.

During the first half of the concert, they tried to sing only English language songs, which I didn’t know very well. Performed live, even the songs I don’t like very much sound great (Tell Yourself) especially with the added video projections.

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