Freezing meet-ups in shorts

Last study meet-up! And it could well be the last JLPT meet-up ever. While there are regularly new people registering for the meet-up at the website, it’s always the same three, four people showing up. And more than once it was just me and Wye-Khe.

Today, we were four and met at Starbucks Omotesando. Everyone practised something else – I concentrated on grammar, while Wye-Khe studied Kanji (even the writing, although the JLPT is a multiple-choice test). After about four or five hours we left and these two young women passed by:

Now guess who was freezing? Yes, of course the left one! The one wearing the shorts didn’t complain about the temperature (or maybe she was just good at hiding it). Just can still see girls and women in short skirts or shirts without stockings in December. But it’s always the ones who are wearing suitable winter clothes who complain about the temperature.

So if “seeing is believing” maybe “freezing is believing” is valid too? Some economists say that companies should invest during a crisis and less in good times. Maybe one should wear light clothes in winter and pants and pullover in summer? As another proof for my theory, we were all freezing – in winter clothes. 😉

Needless to say that we went to the nearby Thai restaurant to warm up…
… and eat some spicy food. The restaurant is just opposite a ramen place which is the soup equivalent to the Krispy Kreme donut store in Shinjuku – there is always a queue. Honestly, Harajuku is (like almost any place in Tokyo) full of restaurants but I only see people queuing at this ramen place. That’s why I theorised that they hired a few actors to queue when they opened. Afterwards people feel obliged to go to this restaurant because if so many people are waiting, it has to be delicious!

And maybe it is! I have to eat ramen there someday….

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