Grammar is fun

Some of these blog’s titles are lies. It’s no lie however that I’m concentrating more on Kanji and grammar from now on. So today I brought the JLPT grammar book, that I had to buy for the special course at Naganuma, and the two grammar books (“A dictionary of basic/intermediate Japanese grammar”). The latter two books are quite heavy with the first one about 630 pages long and the second one 750 pages.

The JLPT training books usually give a short explanation, similar grammar structures and example sentences. The grammar books however, contain English explanations and a much larger set of example sentence. The explanations are also more extensive.

And even studying can be sweet, if you buy the right drink. Yummmmmmmmmyyyyy!

Mia Jaap

Journalist, developer and passionate about Japanese and Korean language. Japan is my #1 country for travelling, penguins my favourite animals.

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