Hachioji Matsuri

Ice sculptures in Summer and outside? In Japan, this doesn’t seem too unusual. I’ve seen an ice sculpture exhibition near Meiji Shrine once, and on the 6th and 7th I went to the Hachioji Matsuri. The ice sculpture exhibition was just one part of the festival.

Needless to say that these sculptures are short-lived. They aren’t cooled in any way so last only a few hours. If you come to late, some of the sculptures will likely have lost legs or other parts.

The other day I went see the big street parade. No surprises there, but I certainly didn’t regret coming to Hachioji as part of my Matsuri Month.

Mia Jaap

Journalist, developer and passionate about Japanese and Korean language. Japan is my #1 country for travelling, penguins my favourite animals.

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