Luebeck – Iceworld and Christmas market

Today we travelled to Luebeck for two reasons: One was the Christmas market and the other one the Iceworld. The Christmas market can be summarised pretty quickly since they look almost the same anywhere. Of course, with the old part of Luebeck as a background, these markets looked quite lovely. One market in particular was really crammed with people and it was not easy to get through while another one, which was held inside a building, was already full and therefore closed.

This was the second Iceworld I visited and this time they tried to combine it more with other activities such as figure skating outside and of course a small Christmas market. The topic of the Iceworld was “Ice Age 2”, the popular sequel to the animation film. First we entered a room which looked almost fully red on my photo. Quite scary actually and reminds me of Jane Eyre 😉

Inside, there were many ice sculptures which were mostly showing the characters of the movie. Most of them were sculpted more than once since the motion picture didn’t have enough different characters for a whole Iceworld. While they were all made with great skill, I was quickly getting bored. The former Iceworld was much more inventive and diverse and I also think that the lighting was better last time.

Hmm, how can we make this Iceworld a success?

The Red Room.

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