Miraikan 2004: Robots & Space Stations

The reason for my trip to Odaiba – besides riding the Yurikamome – was a visit to the Miraikan (未来館). The full name of this museum is the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (日本科学未来館, Nippon Kagaku Mirai-kan). It’s a science museum.

Being a fan of Japanese robots, I was interested in the more serious attempts to create robotic helpers. Unfortunately, there was no robot show when I visited the Miraikan (website). One of the main topics today were optics and their role in analysing and storage media.


The most impressive permanent exhibit is the giant globe with a projection of the earth. The globe (Geo-Cosmos) can display weather patterns,  a world map, vegetation or whatever else works best on a sphere.

ISS habitat
Space toilet

Walking to another non-permanent exhibit took me further into space, to the International Space Station. Japan is the country of advanced toilet. Of course the space toilet was part of the exhibition!

3D penguin

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