Naganuma Movie Meetup Group – Last day at school

Today was my last day at school! At least that’s what the teachers are thinking but I have quietly switched my status after today’s lesson from “yamemasu” (quitting) to “yasumimasu” (taking a vacation). I don’t have to pay anything so the latter status gives me all options. And let’s not forget that before my return (to Germany) I have already organised my return from the return (i.e. I will come to Tokyo this year). Of course I will have to chat with my local travel ninja when I’m in Hamburg.

This day belonged to our class teacher and she brought a Japanese film with her: “Waterboys“. She was surprised that I knew the movie – but who doesn’t know this hilarious tale of a few boys who are starting a water ballet group? Everyone sat in front of the TV (which was seldom used in class lessons) and munched some popcorn.

Of course it was weird leaving the school after spending there only three months. Most of my old class continues. One is returning to his home country to get a visa change (like me) and another takes a longer vacation. Today is “Sayonara” day because the 300 yen bar gang is meeting for the last time.

Mia Jaap

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