Naganuma graduation ceremony

I already did write about the results of the Unit Test which I got today. Besides that it was quite a relaxed day at school. The last day of this school term belonged to the class teacher, we watched a video with award-winning commercials.

Although it was to be expected that there would be less people coming to the last day (well, I had a good reason to come after all), Nishimura-sensei was quite surprised that there were only five of us. Therefore the class room seemed to be much bigger than it really is (it’s actually quite small).

The rest of the regular school hours were spent with another class which did the same project we did, creating a fictionally company and advertising it. Only the group I belonged to were there in full force. It didn’t help very much though, I guess the other companies were more attractive. So some went into the holidays early, returned to their home countries or were just enjoying the sakura bloom. One of us also left us today, by “graduating”.

Graduating has a slightly different meaning at Naganuma. When you leave the school, you get a nice graduation paper, where your current level is written. It’s the kind of paper that also looks nicely on the wall. So you can graduate while in C, D, E or whatever class. You don’t need to continue Naganuma until class E to get graduation papers.

Now one of my class had to leave the school to pursue his business career. Leaving at the end of the march term also means that he takes part in the graduation ceremony.

If you know other school graduation ceremonies, the Naganuma one is not so different. There are speeches, a farewell song and the ceremony where the certificate is handed out. So if you want to leave school in a nice big room, with most of the teaching staff attending, graduate in march 😉

I’m not graduating yet and I am happy to finally advance to the next chapters.

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