Nokogiriyama Hiking (part 1)

You know, I’m not really a hiking person and I didn’t particularly liked it during class trips but I quickly volunteered for the trip offered by Sakura House. This big company which offers apartment, guesthouses and dormitories to foreigners also offers special events from time to time on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Nokogiriyama in Chiba prefecture was our destination and five employees of the company accompanied us, including Hyde from L’arc en Ciel (just kidding!) All had digital cameras and they surely weren’t afraid to use them 😉 We first went to Shinjuku, took a train to Shinagawa and then another one to Keihin Kurihama Station. The latter ride was quite long (about an hour). Some of us slept, others played DS, took photographs or were busy chatting with each other. I talked with two others about computer games and Odaiba (the artificial island with lots of amusement parks). Reaching our destination, we switched to the Keikyu bus line and I put my ticket in the wrong picket. During the bus ride I had a nice chat with Kelly, a US-American who lived in Wuppertal for a while, a city I visited last year (loved the penguins).

Anyway, at the end of the bus trip I thought I had lost my ticket but I found it again later – which didn’t stop on particular mean member of our tour guides to tape a retelling of the whole story on MiniDV. I still think that it will someday appear on YouTube. Everything will appear on YouTube one day 😉

Japanese man taking a picture

Arriving at Kurihama port we took the Tokyo bay ferry to Kanaya port. There, it was time for a group shot, followed by lunch at a Sushi restaurant. I don’t like fish much, but it looked very nice. I just separated the fish from the rice and ate the latter one.

Sushi and miso soup

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