Shinjuku walk

Month is almost over so it was time to pay my rent for the next month. Apparently I was not the only one doing this, as I was greeted with “Oh, do you want to pay your rent”. Maybe I had this I-want-to-get-rid-of-many-Yen face. Besides the rent I signed in for the hiking on the 12th of May.

Shinjuku is a real strange part of Tokyo. There is this business area with lots of tall building and a cheaper part with electronic and clothes shops and many, many restaurants. There is an observation deck in the building of the Tokyo metropolitan government and it’s free of charge. Today I didn’t visit it and simply explored the area.

Mia Jaap

Journalist, developer and passionate about Japanese and Korean language. Japan is my #1 country for travelling, penguins my favourite animals.

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