Eatup Meetup: Thai Restaurant

When I came to Tokyo last April I went to almost every meetup – the Japanese language meetup, the Japanese-English meetup, the English-Japanese and the Japlish meetup. As exciting as these meetups where, I decided to reduce my meetup time a bit. But once in a while, there’s a meetup I really want to go to, like today’s Eatup Meetup.

This meetup couldn’t be more conveniently located since it’s maybe about 100 meters away from the Starbucks where we studied (the “book pile” JLPT meetup).

Another convenient thing was that two fellow JLPT students, Tom and Rick, were both hungry and available and so came along to the Eatup Meetup. I don’t know if Korea is to blame for this, but I actually made my meal a bit more spicy 😉

Meal at a Thai restaurant in Tokyo

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