Blood thirsty court ladies practicing for the JLPT

There are 5000 words I need to know for the next Japanese Language Proficiency test. That’s a lot and if I would type them in and look up a translation for each word, I wouldn’t probably be finished before December, 7th. There are some vocabulary files on the internet and after I downloaded on, I had a huge list with about 5097 words.

The first thing I did was breaking this list into smaller lists and groups. So those nouns are in one group, verbs in another. However, those lists are almost always translated with a program using the JDIC. But what does a program do when there’s more than one entry found? Well, it chooses an entry for the list:


I really want to do a JLPT test, where they are going to use this word! Although the translation is ok, the one they will more likely use in the JLPT is “some time ago”.

Or what about this:


The gist is that you should always check the words that are only written in Hiragana or are very short. These are more likely to be affected by a bad machine translation. Other than that, those downloadable lists are quite useful.

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