Heiwa no Mori park: Beautiful autumn colours

So far I have been to a lot of places to watch the autumn leaves but one place I haven’t visited so far is “Heiwa no Mori” (peaceful forest). Which is kind of weird considering it’s only a two minute walk from my apartment. Despite the name, there are not many trees in the park but a few of them are showing beautiful-coloured leaves.

This is not a prime “momiji” (autumn foliage watching) spot, but I like to remind myself of the beautiful spots around my neighbourhood.

Image showing autumn fall colours in the Heiwa no Mori Park

The Heiwa no Mori park also serves as an evacuation area. There is a big area which is free of trees and used by the locals for various activities or just to relax. It’s also a good place for joggers and there are some gears for the warm-up. This is a park that’s certainly not of interest for tourists, but I’m glad that’s just around the corner from my home. While the public image of Tokyo is that of a densely populated urban sprawl, each ward has recreation spots.

Heiwa no Mori (literally Peace Forest) is a park in Nakano City, Tokyo

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