Autumn in Inokashira Park

Time for another re-visit: I’ve seen the cherry blossoms in Inokashira Park earlier this year so I had to see the autumn colours. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much to see although the park is always worth a visit.

Fall colours in Inokashira Park

I’m especially fond of the shopping street leading to the park which reminds me of Shimokitazawa, another favourite area of mine. This is the “soul” of this area and I could probably spend quite a long time just checking out the stores. However, the more reasonable side of me wonders why one should wear a warm hat together with a flimsy top and a short skirt (left) or horrible pants to an old-fashioned hat (right). I didn’t ask if a golf club is included with the latter outfit – otherwise it would just look ridiculous 😉

Fall colours in Inokashira Park

Back to the park: Dawn was already setting in, so it was hard to get good photos. There were only a few couples in the park and as I mentioned before, the autumn leaves season seems to be over – at least in this park.

Fall colours in Inokashira Park

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One thought on “Autumn in Inokashira Park

  • 19. December 2008 at 02:58

    Looks like you’ve made it to lots of parks for Fall colors and Light-up events. Thanks for sharing all the photos.


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