Mellow Cat Cafe in Kichijoji

On my trip to various places in Tokyo that I love, I went to Inokashira Park and the Mellow Cafe. Mellow Cafe is one of the many cat cafes in Tokyo, but likely one known by a few people, because the place is not very big and they don’t invest much into advertising. In fact, I’ve only been there with a friend, because we couldn’t find a place at the Starbucks opposite Mellow Cafe.

Mellow Cafe is an organic cafe, so the food they make is healthy. There are no more than six cats in the cafe and enough places where the cats can rest without being disturbed. Strict rules are in place for guests: Don’t wake up sleeping cats, don’t follow the cats and don’t pick up the cats.

Two of the cats are also infamous for sneaking up upon guests and trying to get a piece of cake. Of course the cats shouldn’t get any human food. You get a piece of paper where each cat is introduced, her age and behavior. Since there are only a few cats in this restaurant and some of them are shy, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to pet one of them.

Photos are allowed, just don’t use a flash. Mellow Cafe is on the second floor. Get off at Kichijoji Station on the JR Chuo Main or Keio Inokashira Line (rapid trains do not stop at Kichijoji). The cat cafe is on the street leading to the park; exit on the south side of the station and then walk down the street on the right side of the Marui store.

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