Sanrioworld in Ginza: Hello Kitty table salt?!?

Hello Kitty is everywhere in Japan, so it didn’t cross my mind to visit Sanrioworld in Tokyo. But when I recently was in Ginza anyway, I couldn’t resist!

Sanrio has a lot more character than just Hello Kitty of course. But in Sanrioworld, most of the items are about Sanrio’s cat with a bow. There’s plenty of souvenirs to choose from in all price ranges.

Sanrioworld: Hello Kitty chips
Hello Kitty almond cookies

One of the most obvious choices are sweets. If the other person likes Hello Kitty, great. Otherwise, it still works as a cookie 😉 If I had to choose between the almond cookies and the nori chips, I would probably choose the latter. The chips, available in different flavours (curry, tuna mayonnaise, plum) come in an aluminium box.

Another popular section are the plushies. From keyring holders to full plushie Kitty, there’s a wide variety. These are also seasonal items. When I visited Sanrioworld, some very cherry blossom-y Hello Kitty plush dolls just arrived. They are full pink with their bow having a cherry blossom pattern.

Sanrioworld: Key ring/cell phone dolls
Hello Kitty plushies

Then there are items which are both useful and cute. Lunch boxes, mugs, towels and pens are usually on the cheaper side. Sanrioworld also sells a water bottle in the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow. Of course it’s expensive for a water bottle, but I liked the shape. So I bought it 😉

One item made me chuckle though: table salt. It’s the same table salt that I bought so many times at the super market, except with a Hello Kitty branding!

Sanrioworld: pens
Many pens – I like to use the very thin ones for kanji
Sanrioworld: Hello Kitty suit case belt
Hello Kitty belt cases

Where to buy Hello Kitty products

Hello Kitty is a dominant force in the characters market. You’ll find Hello Kitty at toy stores like Kiddyland, at small train kiosks and even at 100 yen stores. The latter are a great budget choice of course and still good quality!

There’s also no shortage of “limited” items. If you travel to other parts of Japan, you will often encounter collaborations of Hello Kitty with local mascots. 

Sanrioworld location + more info

Website (Japanese/English)

2nd Floor, Nishi Ginza Department Store4-1 Saki, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo

Closest train stations
Yurakucho Station (JR), Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro)

Opening hours
Every day 11am-8pm

Hello Kitty table salt
Table salt!
Hello Kitty water bottle
My new water bottle
Sanrioworld: Cherry blossoms kitty
Very cherry blossom-y Kitties

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