This is the end

Today I ended my lease agreement. Of course I don’t have to move out tomorrow since you have to cancel the agreement one month in advance. The only thing which was a bit more complicated was the date for the room inspection. When I moved in, I had to pay 30000 yen deposit and any damages are deducted from this deposit. My flight leaves at 12am on a Sunday and because it is an international flight, I have to be there at least two hours before. Adding the time it takes me to get to Narita (maybe 1,5 hours) it would be too early for the “inspector”. The guy handling the papers was a bit confusing talking about dates and so on instead of just saying that they have to come one day before. Yes, and his English was crappy. He kept telling me about things I have to do before leaving. Basic stuff – cleaning the room, bring out the garbage etc. but he made it sound like it was only a Japan thing to clean your room before moving out.

The internet worked for a few minutes and I went online shopping for a GPS unit, a GPS sportswatch. I will use it for outdoor activities and geotagging. It has a USB connector and will work nicely with my Mac. The watch is delivered to my address in Hamburg and because of that I have to wait a month to try it out.

Tomorrow is the big and evil unit test. Although it hardly matters to me (I’m leaving for Germany at the end of June) I will try my best to get a decent score.

Mia Jaap

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