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Korean Films Rundown (1)

I’ve seen many Korean films in Germany but they were usually about a few martial artists from an ancient kingdom…

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Movie meet-up: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Last movie meet-up for this year! Keanu Reeves latest film has received a lot of attention lately and is used…

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Movie meet-up: Wall-E…

… or the “Citizen Kane” of animation films as one German TV magazine phrased it. Yes, Wall-E has probably been…

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Movie-going habits

I’m such a regular participant at the Tokyo Movie Meetup that me skipping a few meet-ups raises suspicion –…

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Movie: Maboroshi no Yamataikoku (まぼろしの邪馬台国)

Tsuitachi – or: the first day of a new month. In Japan it means that you can buy movie tickets…

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Flight Movies (2)

Today was the flight to Germany with Virgin Atlantic. The great thing about this airline is their entertainment system, which…

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Movie: The Sky Crawlers

I wanted to see this movie for a long time, but first I missed the chance and then I had…

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Flight Movies (1)

One of the thing I failed to mention in my last post was a British security guy working for Virgin…

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Flight to Germany: It’s Movie Time!

I honestly don’t know how I feel. After about three months in Tokyo it’s time to fly back to Germany….

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300 – This is Sparrrrta!

This is madness! No, this is the Movie Lovers Meetup Group! Arrrrrr (sorry, that was another movie). So we went…

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