Hakodate’s Tram

Hakodate’s public transport consists of tram lines and busses. For tourists, the tram is probably the most useful with the three most important stops being Jujigai (Mount Hakodate, Motomachi, Red Brick Warehouses), Hakodate Station and Goryokaku Koen Mae (Fort Goryokaku) all used by both tram lines.

When entering the tram, there is a small machine which prints out little sheets of paper with a number on it. This is important when you leave the tram, as the fare will depend on the distance travelled. If you want to buy a day pass (600 Yen) however, you just need to tell the driver that you want to buy a one day pass. Next time just show this pass to the driver.

The day pass is interesting, as it also has a foldable map inside. There was not much incentive to use it however. Maybe next time, when I have more time to get lost.Different trains are used on the tram lines, with some seemingly historic, while others look more modern. There is supposed to be one tram car which was introduced in 1910 but still running.

Press the button if you want the tram to stop at the next station:

It’s a good thing that trams arrive every ten minutes (after 7pm), as the stations are hardly protected against snow and chilly winds.

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