LuceVista: Seoul’s Light Festival

A lot of cities have light festivals these days and Seoul is no exception. The LuceVista consists of several light installations in the city and all can be reached by foot. But various other companies also installed lights so you basically needed a map to find the LuceVista ones. I had one and found an impressive gate on my way.

The first impressive one was a well with “streams” of light. When I used my tripod there I was asked by a woman where the other LuceVista lights are. She had a map but couldn’t find the other ones. At this point I had only visited two installations so I couldn’t help her.

Light fountain

By far the most impressive one was the “circle” near City Hall with an ice skating area in the middle. I didn’t see the second part of it until wednesday.

Seoul LuceVista Great Circle
Seoul LuceVista Great Circle closeup

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