Museum of Chicken Art in Seoul

One of the strangest museums I’ve come across so far in Seoul is the Museum of Chicken Art. I don’t doubt that Koreans appreciate chickens – especially as part of BBQ, but apparently the animal plays a huge role in Korean traditions. The Museum of Chicken Art is located in Bukchon Hanok Village which is a collection of traditional Korean houses located about ten minutes from Anguk Station (exit 2).

The museum has two floors and is quite small. Entrance is 3000 won and an older man will explain the exhibits in English, especially the second floor which is solely about the role of chickens in Korea (food excluded). Chickens were seen as the only animal in the Chinese zodiac system able to fly and thus they would guide dead people to the next world. The chicken is a symbol of fertility and wealth and is able to exorcise evil spirits.

The first floor is about crafts from all over the world: a huge German beer mug, Town Musicians of Bremen, Noah’s ark and many more chicken were featured at that time I visited the museum. The exhibition on the first floor changes from time to time.There are many more small museums in that area and on your way to the museum you will pass the tourist information. They have a map specifically for that area.

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