Naganuma’s Language lab

There are many days were I am walking completely clueless through the school halls. Today was one of these days due to an infernal invention called the “Language Lab”. Generally, I’m not very fund of labs because Chemistry was one of my weakest subjects in school (and the first one that I got rid off ;)) and I am pretty sure that me and the language labs won’t become best buds in the near future. The language lab is an essential part of Naganuma (and probably of every other language school as well). Each desk is equipped with two headsets, one display and a tape recorder. You take the headset, switch on the tape recorder and wait for the tape to begin. The tasks vary – sometimes you just have to repeat the last sentence and sometimes you have to conjugate verbs as well.

The teacher meanwhile switches between the different pupils from her desk and you’ll never know when she hears you 😉 I failed especially when long sentences kept appearing (“okay ‘konnichi ha…’ – and what were the other two sentences?”). Near the end you will hear yourself, too. During the lab lesson you will hear the other class members too, of course, which always confuses me a bit, especially if most of them are faster than me.

Mia Jaap

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