Me vs. JLPT: Application

I’m late, very late. Like the last two years, I plan to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The test is for non-native speakers of Japanese and is useful proving that you actually know how to count round things, cute animals and flat things (and pray that you never have to count animals who are flat and smiling cutely). After failing the last time, I hope that I will finally get the required points.

Being late means that the deadline to send your application is tomorrow. There was a list of book shops who have the application guide and I went to the Wing (a shopping mall) at Shinagawa station. They were sold out (and probably had not that much to begin with). So I went to Tower Records in Shibuya (they sell books on the 7th floor) and they were sold out too but the nice lady at the counter gave me a map to another book store near Hanzomon Station (on the Hanzomon line).

This book store was much smaller but apparently I was not the only one coming close to the deadline because a young woman bought her application guide just before me. So now I only have to fill out everything, make some photos of myself and go to the post office to pay the fee and send the letter. Oh, and I should not forget to put my name on the door because otherwise I will be very very sad (illustrated on the back of the application guide).

JLPT application papers

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One thought on “Me vs. JLPT: Application

  • 22. October 2007 at 13:37

    You’ve probably already taken it by now… but good luck anyway.


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