Start of a Seoulful week

Today’s my first trip to an Asian country other than Japan. It was also the first time that I took a flight from Narita which is not heading to Europe. Oh well, first I wanted to travel to Singapore but the ticket would have been a bit expensive so I switched my plans to Seoul. It was quite hard finding a single-room for a reasonable price.

I had to get up early today to catch my flight but everything went quite smoothly. I exchanged my Yen at the airport for South-Korean Won which is one of those currencies where “Who wants to be a Millionaire” doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, while in the airport the people gladly speak in Japanese to me, the stewardesses always address me in English. Next time I’m going to pretend to be French 😉

Seoul Hotel Room
Being in the 5th floor, I can’t imagine any other way leaving the hotel than by an escape rope.

While the online description read otherwise, the hotel could only be reached by Taxi. The taxi driver was quite nice and since he was a bit more comfortable in Japanese, I got a “free” Japanese lesson out of it.

Now I’m sitting in my hotel room, TV switched on, watching people who came from outside Korea speaking Korean. Since my Korean vocabulary currently consists of two words, I don’t understand the program. That’s when TV is best – if you don’t understand a single word 😉

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